who we are

A passion for their land and traditions motivated a group of young growers to found the cooperative, Viticoltori di Verbicaro, in 2017. For years they have grown native vines that extend over about 10 hectares of land scattered on the hills around Verbicaro, a village 400 meters above sea level in the Pollino National Park.   

In this renowned wine producing area of Calabria the essential elements are the humidity, the exposure and the orientation of the soil.

This allows an excellent production of sweet grapes and a quality of wine known and appreciated since ancient times. In fact, Pliny and Strabo heaped praise on it and later it was also loved by Pope Paul III .   

For centuries the superb wine produced in Verbicaro made it the ‘wine capital’ of the region. However, unfortunately in recent decades, emigration and the abandonment of much land has reduced production.

The Viticoltori di Verbicaro cooperative was created specifically to recover the historic vines, reopen the ‘catuvi’ and reinstate the product with the traditional appearance, aroma and flavour that have distinguished it for centuries.