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red wine – Calabria P.G.I. produced with Magliocco and Greco Nero


Full-bodied red wine with fruity aromas, reminiscent of strawberry tree and pomegranate.



Colour: Intense ruby red

Bouquet: noble, with aromas of strawberry tree and hints of fruit

Taste: pleasant, on the palate the olfactory aromas return with greater complexity

Serve at a temperature of 18 ° / 20 °. Recommended glass: Fine glass, very large and transparent, long-stemmed

Food matches: Traditional Calabrian cold cuts, pasta dishes with sauce, excellent with roasts and game


Chemical characteristics:

Alcoholic strength: 13.5 Volatile acidity: 0.44 Total sulphur dioxide: 48



Soil: Medium-textured clay mixed with marly rocks.

Exposure of the rows: South

Altitude: 350-400 m

Grape variety (s): Guarnaccia Nera

Rootstock (s): different for 1103 new plants

Training system: Sapling and spurred cordon

Average age of vines: 10 and over 80 years

Plant density (plants / ha): 3300 -5000

Production per hectare: 30 quintals

Treatments: sulphur and copper

Fertilizers: green manure

Harvest start date: early October

Harvest method: manual

Use of grapes purchased from third parties: no

Certification: organic



The wine


Harvest: manual when perfectly ripe (beginning of October)

Destemming and crushing mode: classic

Pressing method: hydraulic lever press

Vinifiers: stainless steel

Maceration: 4-5 days

Potassium metabisulphite: 5 g per quintal of grapes

Use of selected yeasts: no

Stabilization methodology: cold

Filters: cartridge filter

Clarification: yes

Cask aging: yes (six months)

Possible refinement in the bottle: yes

Possible correction: no

Use of concentrator: no

Grape / wine yield: average 60-65%

Type of bottle: 75 cl Bordeaux bottle.

Cork: cork




red wine – Calabria P.G.I. Produced with Guarnaccia (sweet Magliocco) and Greco Nero


In the local dialect of Verbicaro, the word catuv (from the Greek χατα) is the place where the wine is stored and tasted. A full-bodied red with aromas of berries, pomegranate and red fruit. A perfect complement for first courses, game and herb cheeses.  


The vineyards are on medium-textured clay soil sometimes mixed with marly rocks.

Spurred cordon.

Yield per hectare: 30 quintals.

Alcohol content: 13.5%

Vintage 2017